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Ok, I’m cheating a bit- this is straight from my photopage. But I’ve beefed it up here a bit and put it in first person. Informality is sweet.
Born and raised on the north shore of Massachusetts and currently living in Washington D.C., I’m a recent graduate at American University. I am also a photographer/designer/coder/entrepreneur/consultant/music-junkie and socialite.

Right now I’m a partner at Pagelime, teach web and graphic design at Boston University’s Georgetown campus, the Center for Digital Imaging Arts, freelance, and write. I used to work with Jesse Thomas @JESS3.

As far as photography goes, I get a lot of my inspiration from the world around me and the everyday lives of those beings whom I coexist with. I am am drawn to the hidden, unknown, obscure and unusual. My favorite photobook is “New York School: Photographs: 1936-1963” which features photographers such as David Vestal, Robert Frank, Diane Arbus, Bruce Davidson, Richard Avedon and William Klein. I also digg the work of, Patrick Hoelck, Jill Greenberg, Horace Bristol and Ansel Adams.

I don’t think there is ever a time when I am NOT thinking about something. Sometimes I’m thinking of a gagillion things at once—brought about through crazy semantic chains I don’t even consciously understand, which keeps me up at night, but sometimes all I’m thinking about is trying to think about nothing, or not think, which also keeps me up at night (although, I have to say, Scott Adams’ method of going to sleep typically works brilliantly!).

I like to come up with ideas and startup ventures that I write down for a later date. I write down lists of things all the time. I’m consistently 15 minutes late 60% of the time and 30 minutes early 30%. The other 10% is when I get there 30 minutes early, get bored, wander off and then end up some where between 5 minutes ahead of schedule and 14 minutes late.

So I’ll leave this for now. I’ll write more as this goes on. But always fee free to comment or ask questions.

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Born and raised on the north shore of Massachusetts and currently living in Washington D.C., Adam Dexter is an alumnus of The American University. He is a partner at Imaginary Feet, LLC, who specializing iPhone/web apps, primarily the simple CMS, Pagelime. A photographer/designer/coder/entrepreneur/cook/wine-lover/music-junkie and socialite; he always stays inspired.


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