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The GATTACAn age is approaching

GATTACA movie posterCan anyone say “creepy”? I mean, it is cool too. But imagine being told all the diseases and disorders you have or will/could have- along with a bucket full of other genetic info that one could argue is best left unknown…. the movie GATTACA anyone? Enter 23andme, and a few others. See the full story here (Wash. Post). But says

that its $995 genetic test will help clients find DNA-compatible mates who will smell sexier to them, have more orgasms and produce healthier children.

really now…. and by year 2023 this will be a government mandated approach to reproduction.

Oh, and you probably guessed as I joking thought to myself before I clicked the “about the founder” page and realized it was probably no joke: Some awkward engineer who probably never got laid in high school or much in college started this company after his frustration with “normal” dating sites and own efforts. I’m sure after endless nights staying up to watch reruns of “Love Potion Number 9” on Comedy Central drove him to devote his personal time to “love” research either scientific or psychological he decided why not make a profit out of the work he was already doing for himself… and get more money to put further research into giving himself an unseen advantage… ( I can just see him at a dance club secretly swabbing sweat samples off attractive women, sending them off to the lab, finding out the genetic code to make them attracted to him and with some chemistry create a specific pheromone enhancing cologne- then approach her the following weekend) through work, entrepreneurship and meeting some equally hopeless biotech/chemist people in college he created what you see now. The assumptions about him at least are further reinforced through the lack of any picture and none script signature (not like that’s a bad thing, I hate cursive). Now all this be satirical and speculative I still find i amusing that it was in fact created by an unmarried, presumably single male engineer.

At same time, good for him- I wish I could say I created something this cool- despite the creep factor.