Musings, thoughts

Small things can have large influences.

It’s all about the small things (IAATST).

I feel as though a stopper in my mind has been released. As though, my chi can now flow freely. Specifically, I’m talking about today when my violin teacher suggested a small change in my shoulder rest. As if a damn was broken or a magical key opened a door. Everything about playing became easier, my bowing felt better, my back, shoulder and neck felt more natural and relaxed. It was fantastic. Now, I’m not saying I can play a concerto all of a sudden. I’m just saying that that one gesture/suggestion allowed me to play more comfortably and thus better. Then giving me a certain sense of accomplishment, ultimately putting me not just in a better mood temporarily but a whole new mindset almost. As if a giant weight had be lifted from more than just the violin aspect of my life. But everything was a bit clearer.

Now, honestly, I’m not always or usually all this revelationy mumbo jumbo-y. But it was fantastic, I just feel so much better all of a sudden.

It could also be in contrast to how completely off I’ve felt the past few days as well, but regardless.

Anyway. My point is this, nothing new, but worth repeating-

Never neglect the small things.

Nor take for granted or disregard. The small things are the keys for everything big. They typically are what make it happen. So take care, slow down for a second if you can, and re-evaluate, look at each little piece and build it back up. If you can make the foundations stronger, than the entire building will be better for it.