So you may or may not have read my previ…

So you may or may not have read my previous entry about my long and ongoing issue with Flickr, Yahoo! and both of their Customer Service/Abuse departments. The short of it: My Y! ID/Flickr account was deleted over a month ago, I tried to find out why I was booted and what I could do about it and basically have been getting the cold shoulder from both Yahoo! and Flickr for weeks. So I stumbled on Heather Champ, the Flickr Community Manager’s personal email on her website. I emailed her and finally found out that my account was deleted for something else- she replied via the Flickr case number I referenced in the original message:


Your Y! ID was deactivated elsewhere on the Yahoo! network
for abuse. When this happens, it results in the termination
of all of all your activity across the Yahoo! network.

We’re not privy to the reasons for the original Y! ID
deactivation. You’ll need to contact Yahoo! directly.


I find this kind of odd, because I only used my Y! ID for Flickr- so either, this isn’t true, or someone hacked my account. Either way, it’s an actual answer, so I can move on.

Taking back your Ex

But now, I can start to understand drug addicts, abusive relationships and terrible marriages. Even after weeks of running me in circles, outright ignoring me, and the fact that I didn’t get a response until I directly contacted a staff member. (I also have still not heard from regular Yahoo! support.) I want to go back. I mean, I’ll cut Flickr some slack, I did get an answer. Even if the answer opens up even more questions, it’s an answer. Yet, I feel like such a sellout. But still, I really like Flickr. I like the concept and it’s snazzy interface, API, web 2.0ness and community features. In fact, I’m reregistering and opening up a new Flickr account in another tab while I am writing this. But I’m not doing it without internal conflict.
Now, I’m not going straight back to a Pro account, but it’s only a matter of time. I’ll ease back into it, become comfortable again. My hurt and hesitations will fade away. But part of me feels like this is comparable to taking back an ex who cheated on me, which I’ve never done. It feels cheap and wrong. They violated my trust and showed me their true colors- but I still need them. I really do love Flickr. However, how many times can I waste my money and time. What if this happens again?
But I also believe in forgiveness. So consider this it. Only time will tell if this turns out to be more like a rocking spot in an otherwise good relationship or the tell tale signs of more to come. Right now it just feels like a drug addiction, but we’ll see. I just hope things go better this time around.


4 thoughts on “So you may or may not have read my previ…

  1. plasticdisaster says:


    I followed all your correspondence with Yahoo / Flickr. The resoponse you received from Heather was just more of the same BS. She sis not answer your question: HOW you violated TOS.

    My Yahoo ID (username for both Yahoo and Flickr was luciacovelli – I can still login to my Yahoo e-mail with that user ID). I think Heather is full of it.

    I don’t know about you, but I consider the hours I spent uploading hundreds of clinical photos and compiling detailed descriptions for each.. MONEY.. lost MONEY. My time is worth something. I paid for storage of my photo files on their service, and now cannot even access my photos at all, never mind making them available for public viewing.

    Have you LOST all your photo files on Flickr or are you able to access them? Therein lies the difference. Violation of TOS means you cannot use Flickr to make your images publicly accessible. That is very different from DELETING the files for which you paid STORAGE for one year. Thus, they committed FRAUD.

    There are others out there whose accounts were deleted. I believe I know the reason my account was deleted, which is a travesty of ethical business practice. I tried posting copies of my email to Yahoo / Flickr earlier, but your blog “discarded” them. (?) Unfortunate, as it exposes the true FRAUD in which Yahoo is engaging. It is outright THEFT. I am definitely going to write a complaint on thesqueekywheel dot com, which gets lots of traffic from people searching whatever company you complain about. Another formal complaint I am considering is with the FBI IC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center).

  2. plasticdisaster says:

    It is very frustrating to write a reply to your blog only to have it “blank out” – not post at all. Too bad. I had remedies for your FLICKR problem.

  3. “Have you LOST all your photo files on Flickr or are you able to access them? Therein lies the difference. Violation of TOS means you cannot use Flickr to make your images publicly accessible. That is very different from DELETING the files for which you paid STORAGE for one year. Thus, they committed FRAUD.”

    As far as I could tell at the time- it was completely deleted as I could not log in using my account info and when I called billing, they said my account no longer existed, aka, not deactivated, deleted.

    The tricky thing here is, the way the TOS is written, they did not commit fraud and they did not legally or technically “steal” anything. The TOS is written in mostly generalization (as most are) to cover many issues. There is a statement that they can deactivate or delete any account at any time without notification and that it does not merit a refund.

    From Yahoo! (Flickr) Terms of Use, section 15. TERMINATION

    “You agree that Yahoo! may, without prior notice, immediately terminate, limit your access to or suspend your Yahoo!” http://info.yahoo.com/legal/us/yahoo/utos/utos-173.html

    As a user of the service, you and I have to understand what we agreed to a contract (TOS and Community Guidelines)- and don’t get me wrong, it was aggravating, time consuming and I felt cheated, BUT, it was what they did was totally legal and justified in a Service Provider to User situation. That’s just something I had to come to accept, take a deep breath, and try again- this time watching my steps very carefully. I still think the service (functionally) is great and the best on the web of its kind (community/socialweb/photosharing). But I will be thinking twice and taking my time before I go for the Pro account again.

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